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My name is David M. Petersen; I graduated with honors from SJSU with a BA in philosophy. The purpose of this page is to put forth my evolutionary, four-dimensional view of consciousness and reality, which is a metaphysics in the classical philosophical sense of the word. I have named this theory 'Sequential-Eternal-Monotheistic-Holism,' However, due to the increasing interest in the theory over the last year (traffic has tripled and is composed of approximately 75 percent shares from all over the world) I think the theory needs an additional less formal name. Therefore, I propose the very catchy moniker: "Super-Conscious Unity Theory" for this purpose. I have no interest in getting a PhD; I believe the academic philosophical community is completely out of touch with doing actual philosophy. I therefore declare myself a "Renegade Philosopher."

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The universe is half organized and half chaotic at every level you can name (the structure of atoms, biological entities, planetary systems, stellar evolution, the distribution of galaxies, etc., for example.)

(Complexity Science)

The universe is both a 'sequence of interactive three dimensional events' and an 'eternal four dimensional energy structure' at the same time - an existence similar to the so-called wave-particle duality observed in quantum physics. (It is very interesting that there are potentially 'dualities' both at the very small and the very big 'ends' of the universe.)

The Four Dimensional Sphere

Individual freewill is a deep-rooted and completely necessary part of this total interactive energy system.

My Definition of Freewill

The universe is an integrated series of physical systems, including consciousness, that are "spun" around nonexistence (absolute nothing) and interconnected.

Statement on Consciousness (Balancism)

The definition of physical energy should therefore be expanded to include consciousness.

The fact that consciousness is physical energy in no way detracts from its intrinsic spirituality.

There is life in other galaxies at around the same stage of evolution as we are, and when viewed as an unfolding three dimensional energy structure this entire universe is evolving into the Supreme Being, which in reality is the 'Super-Conscious Unity' of all the energy in the universe (which again, is four-dimensional and eternal.)

The Future of Man

Emperical Verification of "God?"

Because the universe is evolving into complete consciousness and there must always be a balance between positive and negative experience, it follows that pain and suffering will gradually be completely replaced by difficult responsibility.

The true connection with the Super-Conscious Unity is through the (well documented) mystical experience.

Speach on Mysticism

The Forms

All religions are attempting to describe the same Super-Conscious Unity, or Supreme Being.

Everyone and everything as well as the Super-Conscious Unity are absolutely necessary for the entire system to exist at all.

Speach on absolute tolerance based on physics

There is a form of eternal life but not eternal consciousness for us, there is only eternal consciousness for the Super-Conscious Unity. However, this eternal life state is more real than we can imagine.


The theory: a short but deep book called "The Nature of Ultimate Reality" which outlines what should be a new movement in philosophy that again I have called:

Sequential-Eternal-Monotheistic-Holism (Super-Conscious Unity Theory)

The best way to understand the theory in total is to read this book. I know it is a difficult read, so I have listed out the chapters below to hopefully make it easier.

(This may be a later version than you've bookmarked)


The Four Dimensional Sphere of which you are a part

More Physics


The Growth of Consciousness

The Super Conscious Unity


Questions You May Have


I have always viewed arrogance as pointless and ugly. However, it is very likely that arrogance "sells" philosophy, so here goes:

I've shown the likely path of human evolution far into the future:

The future of man

I've laid the groundwork for a true understanding of consciousness:

Statement on consciousness (Balancism)

(New) New Consciousness Notes

Consciousness around zero

Consciousness Verses AI

The Forms

I've shown the probable "shape of reality":

The four dimensional sphere

I have shown the way toward the complete unification of science and religion:

Empirical verification of "God"?

I have outlined the probable true relationship between Man and God(The Super-Conscous Unity)

Man and God(The Super-Conscous Unity)


What is the "meaning of life?"

The Global Community VS Global Problems

Critique of Nietzsche

The Justification and Description of Induction Are Not Really Problems

Scientists Need Philosophy

Don't just say I must be crazy! Read my work and attack it point for point. My email is Be aware that our discourse may become public (if it's any good.)

The problems with the field of philosophy and the people "doing it" these days

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Sequential-Eternal-Monotheistic-Holism - influential books and periodicals

The First Three Minutes: A Modern View Of The Origin Of The Universe - Steven Weinberg

The Illustrated Brief History of Time - Stephen Hawking

Relativity: The Special and the General Theory - Albert Einstein

The Over-Soul - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Tao of Physics - Fritjof Capra

Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics - Nick Herbert

The Alchemy of the Heavens - Ken Croswell

About Time - Paul Davies

The Origin Of Humankind - Richard Leakey

Complexity: The Emerging Science At The Edge Of Order And Chaos - M. Mitchell Waldrop

The Phenomenon of Man - Pierre Teihlard de Chardin

The World's Religions - Huston Smith

The Teachings of the mystics (This book is being treated like its hocus-pocus on the internet, but it most assuredly is not) - Walter T. Stace

A Brief History of Everything - Ken Wilber

How Near Death Is A Near Death Experience? (article - approximately 1998) - Catherine Houck

"The Hidden Mind (article,)" Scientific American Special Addition, Vol. 12, number 1, 2002

Neuromancer - William Gibson


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