"What is the meaning of life?"

By David M. Petersen

(version 1)

What is the meaning of life? This question has always bugged me, because life just IS; the universe just is, it just exists. The real question one is asking when they ask this is actually "what gives life meaning?" Now this is a real question that has a real answer.

In order to answer this question we must look at the universe overall for a moment. I believe, based on (my interpretation of) scientific evidence, that the universe is an expanding and contracting four dimensional sphere. I also believe that the universe is evolving into God, "God" being just another name for the Super-Conscious Unity of all of the energy in the universe towards the contraction phase. You can read the above two essays to allow me to attempt to prove this to you.

So, moving on, the universe is evolving into God, and this is happening through a process of evolution that is more and more self quided by the evolving individuals within the universe. An essay I wrote that illustrates this in detail is The Future of Man. In fact, in light of this perspective, it is clear that the universe needs you to fight to build things, solve problems, make the world a better place, grow personally, raise children, etc... because when you do you are no less than part of the process that is building reality, and therefore you are an extremely important part of reality.

Again, refering to the above essay again showing that the universe is evolving into God, you will read that I also believe it is an inescapable conclusion that the universe is both a series of sequential events in three dimensions, and an eternal entity in four dimensions, as well as being a balanced energy structure in every way that can be measured. In light of these attributes of the universe as well as the fact that you are a completely interconnected and necessary part of the universe, it follows that everything you accomplish will be both completely necessary and eternal within our universal energy structure! This is where meaning lies.

In other words, your life will hang in eternity. Make it beautiful. Making it beautiful has meaning.

Also, because the universe is evolving into god, it will at one point be completely conscious (the Super-Conscious Unity). In other words, everything that has ever happened will ultimately be known. Your life will be seen for exactly what it is. It is like an eternal art form. Don't waste it.




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