"Really? I wouldn't think so- certain unicellular organisms will probably outlast our species - larger animals do not usually last long."

I was thinking in terms of our ability to, with planning of course, not only navigate to but survive on the moon, the bottom of the ocean, the north pole, etc. This is far beyond the capability of a uni-cellular organism.

"They (unicellular organisms) already exist in two out of three."

My ultimate point here is the power of consciousness. Unicellular organisms cannot make decisions to go somewhere completely inhospitable and then go there! The point is, consciousness is a phenomenon that is characterized by a power and adaptability over environment that goes way beyond what came before it. I believe that as consciousness evolves, it will exhibit more and more power and control over its corner (corners) of the universe. This is because I believe that consciousness is ultimately the force that creates the universe, and our consciousness is directly related (it is a precursor) to this ultimate consciousness.

"If consciousness evolved then it couldn't have created the universe - but maybe you are saying that it creates worlds."

I should have been clearer here - remember that I think that the universe is a simultaneous four dimensional interactive energy structure - time is completely relative according to the General Theory of Relativity - so consciousness can 'evolve' and still create the universe.

"How could it do it?"

By reaching an extremely advanced state of awareness in order to know how to do it.

"Why is it necessary for such creation? Three problems: (1) evolution explains origins of (not sure of this word) fairly well. (2) no need to believe it existed before evolution (except as potential). (3) mechanism without consciousness is doing pretty well in explaining the Big Bang."

But what started the whole process? And Why? What mechanism are you referring to that started the Big Bang??

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