Man and God(the Super-Conscious Unity)

By David M. Petersen

(version 2)

Within this theory that I have constructed and named S.E.M.H., I have searched for a way that God, the Super-Conscious Unity of all of the energy of the universe ahead of us in time, could be causally in control of all of the evolving energy around us in OUR timeframe, but I can't see it. I therefore have to come to the conclusion that the universe in our timeframe is holding together by design, and we are seemingly on our own as far as comets hiting the earth, diseases wiping us out, etc. I think that God DOES occasionally get involved with us though, in a way that will be outlined below, but there are restrictions as we will see.

First, a short summary of the theory follows: the universe at the 'end' (in three dimensions) has evolved into pure consciousness, or God if you will, 'He' punches through nothing to start the universe in the first place (the big bang), the universe starts evolving and is at this point all "matter," life evolves, conscious entities arise, they evove and interconnect more and more, and they eventually become God. Finally, all of this exists simultaniously and eternally as a four dimensional structure.

So to begin, It is clear that in this process all of the current quantum systems that make up our phyical universe will be consumed creating consciousness, because consciousness is clearly NOT made up of quantum systems. Rather, consciousness is a new type of energy construction inside the universe that does not reduce to the brain, and balances with the universe as a whole. So as the universe becomes more conscious, energy is therefore being gradually converted from "matter energy" to conscious energy.

I believe that the universe is all interconnected in any timeframe that you choose to examine, but how interconnected is the past or present timeframe to the future timeframe if the past, present and future of the quantum systems in these timeframes must be causally connected in the direction of time? I can only come to one conclusion; the past, present and future, even though they exist simultaniously, are only connected together through consciousness within our four dimensional sphere. So God is not in our timeframe but in a timeframe ahead of us that is not causally connected to us. However, I believe that consciousness connects with consciousness through time both ways, present to future and future to present. Our connection to God that transcends the causality of timeframes is called the mystical experience. I am also coming to believe that the conscious connection from God to us involves occasional planted thoughts. For example, God can't alter the path of a comet heading towards us without violating causality, but 'He' can plant the thought to look in a certain place in the sky in a researcher who is already focused on saving the world from deadly comets.

So, since we are co-building reality with the God the Super-Conscious Unity (the SCU) ahead of us in time it follows that the more conscious we get the better off we will be as individuals and together. By conscious I mean empathetic, honest, cooperative, responsible, self-aware, disciplined, intelligent, honorable, aware of your effect on your suroundings, etc.

So, I think that is entirely possible that SCU s involved in an individual's life if that life is key to the evolution of reality somehow. The more conscious the more involved the SCU gets I would imagine. Relative to The SCU's consciousness and human consciousness, the SCU can only get involved half of the time because of the half order, half chaos nature of the universe, as shown by the science of Complexity. I believe that all order in the universe is created by consciousness, but there has to be as much chaos as order for the universe to function. Consequently, not everyone can be saved from chaos. That is how some good people (or even bad people) could be saved if they're useful and some good people die at the hands of others, for example.

So make yourself more conscious, and therefore more useful to the evolution of reality. You will probably have a better chance at survival!




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